Cankash is a set of ...

CANKASH is a set of powerful and honorable solutions for mobile networks which supports 2G/3G/4G technologies in both CS and PS domain appropriated to missions of Telecom network analysis. Using smart repotting and strong monitoring tools, telecom operators can perform troubleshooting and analyzing easily and using subscriber analytics services such as data consumption, will reduces the costs of customer care, and simultaneously increases customer satisfaction.


This services use to find the specified Network Element report or top worst/best and show the result as any chart like line/Column/pie...

Builder Tool

The end user able to define own Counter/KPI formula tfrom xDR and make dashboard for visualization

Subscriber Activity

Subscriber Activity use for top down troubleshooting from statistics to protocol details

Call Flow

This services use to show insight of protocol details of each user activity


This services use to show any result reports on GIS-Map by legends color

About SGI and Cankash solution

SGI, the leadership of IT security and Telecom in Iran since 1992 introduces the Cankash solution in MWCS. A network performance monitoring system for mobile networks which supports 2G/3G/4G technologies in both CS and PS domain. CS/PS probes are also an innovation product of SGI which collect CDR/xDR from network interfaces to generate KPIs. Dashboard charts and GIS service provides a comprehensive report from network status.


This solution is implemented for the largest mobile operator in Iran with more than 40 million subscribers. Big data analytic tools integrated in this solution to offering smart VAS based on subscriber behaviors.